What is dry offset printing?

The dry offset printing process is indirect printing. In a dry offset printer, the plate cylinders transfer their inked images to a single blanket cylinder, which then prints the product. The dry offset printing process offers the most efficient method for high speed, large volume, high quality printing on pre-formed products.

Where do I find inks, blankets, and printing plates?

SBI has a list of vendors for each, and will help you through the process of ordering.

What is 4-color process printing?

It is a photo image created by overlaying and blending the 4 process inks - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. By separating the image into small dots called halftone dots, and printing them beside or on top of each other, the SBI Egg Carton Printer and Multiple Product Printer produces high quality process printing.

What is the advantage of running registration?

Running registration is the ability to align printing images to each other while the printer is in operation. The printer does not have to be stopped, which allows quick and precise register of the print colors. This applies to all types of print jobs, not just process printing.

What are the advantages of using ultra-violet inks?

The ink dries or cures instantly upon exposure to ultra-violet light. This eliminates smudging.

How long does it take to set up a printing job?

It takes between 15 and 20 minutes per color, depending upon the technician's experience and the quality of the print plates.

How long do printing plates last?

Printing plates last a long time and with proper care, they will print millions of images.

What are the advantages of the Scheibler Brothers Feedscrew Denester?

With its space-saving and belt-driven design, the SBI Feedscrew Denester is simple to use, adaptable to a wide variety of carton shapes and sizes, and moves the product smoothly and quickly. It also typically costs less than other types of denesters.

What is impression roll tooling?

The custom-designed impression roll tooling, found under the blanket cylinder, turns with the blanket cylinder. The impression roll squeezes the carton or product against the blanket cylinder, allowing the ink to contact the product. The diameter of the impression roll tooling is slightly smaller than that of the blanket cylinder.

Will my carton work in the printer?

Cartons or other types of containers must nest into a stable stack in order to be efficiently fed through our standard printer. To move through the printer, cartons must be consistent in design and form. Products that are too flexible, or sag noticeably when held at the ends, may have problems throughout the printing process. Also, smooth and light colored surfaces result in the best quality images.

What plant services do I need to support a printer?

The basics include sufficient floor space, a high voltage power supply, and compressed air.

What voltage is required for the printer?

The printer is wired to your local power specifications.

How long does it take to manufacture the printer?

The standard lead-time to manufacture a printer is between 18 and 22 weeks.

How many products can be printed on one machine?

The SBI Egg Carton Printer works most effectively when dedicated to 1 or 2 very similar sized egg cartons. The SBI Multiple Product Printer is designed to print on a variety of hinged-lid containers and flat trays.

Can SBI's Egg Carton Printer or Multiple Product Printer print on products other than hinged-lid cartons?

Of the two printers in our line, the SBI Multiple Product Printer lends itself to printing on non-hinged products.

How many people are required to operate the printer?

Two people are typically needed to operate the printer. One person feeds the cartons into the denester and monitors the dry offset printers. The second person separates and bags the printed bundles of product.

What is the average production speed of the printers?

Production speed is a function of operator experience and product consistency. The SBI Egg Carton Printer has an average production speed of 200 cartons per minute. The SBI Multiple Product Printer has a speed range of 50-100 products per minute.


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