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The Scheibler Brothers Egg Carton Printer is a 10-color, dry offset printer designed to print on egg cartons with 6 to 18 cells. Able to print on either foam or pulp, our standard model produces high quality 4-color, registered printing on the top of the carton's lid. Inside the lid and on both latch and hinge sides, it prints in 2 colors.

The printer consists of 7 major components -

The Conveyor:
The main conveyor consists of heavy duty aluminum frame construction in a modular design. Each major component of the egg carton printer occupies a modular section or station. The modular design allows the customer to add or subtract stations, as their process requires. The standard stations are the denester, side printer, top/inside printer and stacker. In-line feed, dryer, label applicator and other customer-specified stations could be added. Auxiliary sections of various lengths are also available for customer-mounted equipment.

The Denester:
The SBI Feedscrew Denester supports a stack of egg cartons and separates the bottom carton from the stack, dropping it onto the conveyor. Depending upon the product, 2 or 4 feedscrews are used that can be quickly repositioned when changing to a different kind of egg carton. The denester accommodates any combination of right-hand and left-hand feedscrews. Custom designed feedscrews are provided when needed.

The Side Printer:
The side printer is located after the denester. It prints in 4 colors, 2 colors on each side of the egg carton lid.

The Top Printer:
In the center of the conveyor sits the top printer. This 4-color dry offset printer prints up to 4 colors on the top of the egg carton lid.

The Inside Printer:
Located underneath the top printer, the inside printer prints up to 2 colors on the inside of the egg carton lid.

The Stacker:
The stacker, located at the end of the conveyor, collects the printed cartons and feeds them into a horizontal stack. The stack is then pushed onto a table where it is collected and bagged. A counter-marker system on the printer also aids in counting and sizing the finished stacks of printed cartons.

The Bench Wash-up:
The bench wash-up unit aids in cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting inker assemblies.

Printer Specifications:



Dry offset


4 colors on lid top


2 colors inside lid top


2 colors on each side of lid

Image width:

800 Model: 3.875" [98.43 mm] maximum recommended


900 Model: 6.250" [158.75 mm] maximum recommended


1000 Model: 10.875" [276.23 mm] maximum recommended

Image length:

10.500" [266.7mm] maximum recommended


Running Registration on top printer only


Auxiliary frames for customer-mounted equipment


6 colors on lid top


Machine Specifications


Average Production Speed:

200 cartons per minute

Machine length:

22' [6.7 M]

Machine width:

52" [1.32M]

Machine height:

78" [2M]

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